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The Wonderful World of Tone!

Definition: Showing a desire for something

"...When Kabul was liberated in mid-November, the public scaffolds were torn down.  Kites, which had also been banned, flew gaily in the streets.  Men crowded barbershops to have their beards shaved off.  Women slowly began to show themselves in public, to resume their studies and their careers.  And everywhere, everywhere, there was singing, and the sound of music.  In the bazaar, the seller of cassettes loudly played a recording of the great Afghan singer Ahmad Zaheer: 'Today I have drunk too much, let me dream my dream.'
      The music was playing, and people were dreaming their dreams again.
      This is why we fight."
~Why We Fight, by William J. Bennett 

      After the liberation of Kabul, the people of Afghanistan were full of joy.  Bennett describes to the reader what the Afghan people can now do: fly kites, sing in the streets, resume careers.  The quote "Today I have drunk to much, let me dream my dream" shows the freedom the people now feel.  Bennett's last sentence "That is why we fight." is directed toward the audience, being hopeful of sustaining the freedom of Afghanistan.


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