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The Wonderful World of Tone!

Definition: Morally instructive

"Someday you will wear lipstick.  Then strong, white teeth will be especially important.  So brush properly at least twice a day and your smile will be glowing... Whatever kind of brush you have, use it the way dentists suggest... Brush with up-and-down motions, never sideways, across the teeth.  Rinse your mouth with water, or with mouthwash mixed with water and gargle.
     Once a week, whiten your teeth by brushing them with a mixture of one teaspoon of soda and one teaspoon of salt.  The taste isn't very good, but the shiny whiteness is!"
~White Gloves and Party Manners,
by Marjabelle Young

      This selection was written toward an audience of young girls, and to teach them manners.  The author lists some reasons why dental hygiene is so important ("Someday you will wear lipstick"!), and describes the tooth-brushing process.  This tone is very didactic, instructing young girls how to gracefully grow into young women.


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