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The Wonderful World of Tone!

Definition: Expressing happiness or delight

"...This must be love, I thought.  My eyes must be open to beauty because I was in love with David.  I was young and he was young and wasn't this what the poets sang about?  So I went through my days wanting to sing and dance.  The trees in their shouting  colors were just for us!... Even the nights were lighter and the stars were brighter than I had ever seen them.  Surely the Little Bear was laughing and the Dipper was dripping wine, and all for me, for me-- for us, for us."
~Christy, by Catherine Marshall

      Christy is full of joy when she realizes she is in love with David.  Wanting to sing and dance with joy, she begins to notice the beauty around her.  Her metaphors of the "Little Bear laughing" and the "Dipper dripping wine" connotate the elation she experiences, and her repetition of "all for me, for me" gives the piece a joyous tone.


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