The Wonderful World of Tone!

     Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tone!  This web site is created by Christy Olsen for Mrs. Belgard's AP Language and Compostion tone project.  Here you will explore different tones in a varied selection of literature to further your knowledge and appreciation of tone.
     So what exactly is tone?  Tone is defined as the author's attitude toward his characters, subject, or audience; the intonation of the voice that expresses meaning.  Every piece of writing has a tone, though it is sometimes difficult to discern.  The tone of a piece can often be described by a single word, such as mocking, foreboding, or effusive.  Frequently, the tone may shift from chapter to chapter, paragraph to paragraph, or even line to line.  Tone is the blending of diction, syntax, allusion, irony, imagery, figurative language, symbolism, motif and style.
     A speaker's tone is easily identified, but understanding tone in poetry and prose is very difficult.  The knowledge of details, word choice, imagery and language make it possible to discover the wonderful world of tone.

"To misinterpret tone is to misinterpret meaning."
~ Marcie Belgard

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