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The Hapsburgs: Who Were They?
Maria Theresa: Empress of the Hapsburgs


The Hapsburgs: Who Were They? | Preceding Maria Theresa | Maria Theresa: Empress of the Hapsburg Empire | Wars During Maria Theresa's Reign | Maria Theresa's Family | Maria Theresa's Accomplishments | Sites and Links About Maria Theresa

     The Hapsburg (the name comes from the family's castle of Habichtsburg, German for "Hawk's Castle") family was one of the oldest and most prominent dynasties of Europe from the 15th to the 20th century.  The name Hapsburg Because of the long line of successors, the Hapsburgs, especially Maria Theresa, brought about very positive reforms for the empire, shifting from a feudal empire to a great power of Europe.  The Hapsburg dynasty ended after World War I, with the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  Archduke Otto, head of the Hapsburgs, currently lives in Germany where he is a private citizen and a representative in the European Parliment.

     In my list of links, there are some very interesting and informative sites about the Hapsburg family.  I suggest to browse through some to familiarize yourself with the great family.


Hapsburg Lineage
The House of Hapsburg

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